Horia Mosadiq works for Amnesty International on their Afghanistan dossier, traveling between London and Kabul. Previously, she was Director of the Afghanistan Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium (HRRAC). As well, she has worked as an advisor to the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, as a political officer at the Canadian Embassy in Kabul, and as a journalist in Afghanistan and Pakistan. A former member of the Afghanistan Media Commission, Horia writes articles for Afghan media, and is regularly interviewed about human rights, women's affairs and media. In this photograph, Ms. Mosadiq is looking out over Bamyan, a town in central Afghanistan where once stood the giant Buddhas that were destroyed by the Taliban.

Horia Mosadiq

Horia Mosadiq

Photographie/Photograph par/by Tim Mansel

عکاس فرزانه واحيدی

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