Rona Sherzai is the Station Manager of Radio Quyaash in Maimana, Faryab province, close to Turkmenistan. She is a Pashtun living in an Uzbek village, and as such, deals with ethnic strife. Rona studied journalism at Kabul University until the Taliban forced her to stop. She was then married and moved to the north where she gave birth to four children in four years. Three of her children have severe cerebral palsy and can't walk. Rona spends her days juggling the responsibilities of taking care of her family and working in a job that she likes and that allows her to support her children. In this photograph, Rona is interviewing the provincial Director of Agriculture.

rona sherzai

Photographie/Photograph par/by Leslie Knott‮

‭ ‬عکاسی‮ ‬توسط

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