Dr. Habiba Sorabi is a hematologist, pharmacist, politician and reformer who has played a leading role in the post-Taliban reconstruction of Afghanistan. In 2005, she was appointed Governor of Bamyan Province by President Hamid Karzai — the first and only woman to be a governor of any province in the country. She previously served in Karzai's government as Minister of Women's Affairs and Minister of Culture and Education. During the Taliban rule, Dr Sorabi worked underground as a teacher for girls, both secretly in Afghanistan and in refugee camps in Pakistan. In this photograph, she is speaking to hundreds of local residents.

Habiba Sarabi

Governor Habiba Sarabi speaks to hundreds of government officials and local residents gathered to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Abdul Ali Mazari, the former leader of Hezb Wahdat Islami Afghanistan, in central Bamyan province.

Photographie/Photograph par/by Hadi Ghafari/Pajhwok