(From left to right) Photographers Farzana Wahidy and Freshta Kohistany hold up their photos next to the Kabul River bazaar. Farzana Wahidy was thirteen when her mother died. Under Taliban rule, she finished high school by going to classes part-time, sometimes in secret, and working part-time. Having gained experience as a translator and photographer with Agence France Presse, she studied photography in Canada. Now an award-winning photographer, she is working to organize exhibitions in a variety of countries. Farzana’s photograph of Mehria Azizi is included in this exhibition. In 1988, Freshta Kohistany fled to Pakistan as a refugee with her family. She returned to Afghanistan in 2002 and most recently worked as a photographer for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

farzana wahidy and freshta kohistany

Photographie/Photograph par/by Fardin Waezi/ainaphoto 

عکاس فردين واعظی

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